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Buddy Bike comments, stories and photos from the families who ride them.
Buddy Bike Christmas
Buddy Bike brothers
A Buddy Bike under the Christmas tree.
- Cheri, TX 12/27/21
Buddy Bike Family
Love at first ride. Thank you!
- Sandy, CA, 10/15/21
Carty’s finished putting [our daughter's] bike together yesterday, and we were able to pick it up last night. We had a Little time to try it out before bed time last night. [She] LOVES it. She did not want to get off of it...It is such a blessing to our family especially to [our daughter].❤️
- Tammy, OH, 6/11/21

I would be glad to say that we were very happy with the bike and your service...We ride the bike quite frequently.
-Rex, Bloomington, IN, 6/9/21

We just picked up the buddy bike a few days ago & it seems great! [We] have both biked with [our daughter]. She loves it! It also fits on our bike rack!! Yay 😀

- Bridget, Minneapolis, MN, 6/6/21


We picked up the Buddy Bike from the bike shop.  Let me just say that thing is amazing.

- Krista, Louisville, KY, 11/23/20

I wanted to give you an update and share the great news about how it is going so far. The bike has been awesome and on our first ride together, [my son] pedaled for 45 minutes and held onto his handlebars the entire time. I was really surprised! For us, it has been literally life-changing because now we have an outlet and therapeutic activity for him in this COVID-19 reality/world that we can do together. For that reason alone, I cannot thank you all enough for your support and advocacy to make this happen. It means the world to us! Attached is a photo of us riding together on our first ride...It really does make a huge difference for our kids!

- David, Decatur, GA, 7/4/20

Thank you for the reach out about how we are doing with the Buddy Bike. In short, it is going amazingly! We are riding our community almost daily and Sofia is so thrilled each time we head out. It has become one of her favorite preferred activities...and for our special kiddos, it is always great when you can add another one to the repertoire!

- Kristen, Long Beach, CA, 6/22/20

Let me just tell you how much joy your product brings to the world...Madeline and I love the new Buddy Bike and her old bike has gone to a new home where it is being used and loved. I'm including a picture of Madeline and me taking a ride last weekend. Thank you for all your help.

- Peter, Chicago, IL, 5/8/20


We purchased our Buddy Bike in 2015 after seeing it at a local conference a year before. Outside our budget but knew it was for the best, we saved and partnered with extended family to purchase.

After more than five years we have 100's if not 1000's of miles on this family building piece of our family. Still (weather permitting) hardly a week goes by that we don't take at least a short ride but we are know to take as much as 8-10 miles ride now that our stamina is built up. We even rode a leg of the Special Olympics Torch Run with the flame attached to the back of the bike.

The one side effect that I didn't even consider is the core strength our son has developed over the years. Have DS and the [hypotonia] that comes with it he is stronger and more stable because of it. When we let other kids ride with me to try the bike it is obvious just how unstable they are in comparison.

Note: we went the first year without the Hollywood bike rack and were "trapped" in our local surroundings. After we purchased the rack we became travelers with our bikes we have traveled several hours to ride the Mission Trail in San Antonio and other trails in the region.

We couldn't be more grateful to the team for creating this Inclusive and Liberating bike. Thanks BB!

*We were not compensated in any way for this review. We just love this bike. :)

- Kelly, Arlington, TX, 4/22/20

So excited to finally get the bike back out!!! And so thankful for our Buddy Bike - The Alternative Tandem Bicycle

- Rikson & Coralyn, AZ, 9/25/19

- Lynn & Bobby P., Nazareth, PA, 3/18/19
Bike Dr Derek loves his Buddy Bike! The alternative tandem bicycle for special needs. Here he is receiving his bike and assembling it at Recyclable Bicycle Exchange. Derek can assemble your bike too! If you are shipping a bike to Broward Co contact Jeff Torkelson at RBX and ask for Bike Dr. Derek!

- Bike Dr. Derek, Fort Lauderdale, FL, 1/30/19
Check out this beautiful video of a Buddy Bike family and how they are using the Buddy Bike to get out into the world to have adventures! As you can see, the benefits of the Buddy Bike provide not only physical and therapeutic activity but it also provides a way to get kids with special needs out into their communities and having daily life experiences.
The Coopers have way too much fun with their Buddy Bike! Here they are celebrating their participation in Tour de Cure Orlando.

- The Coopers, Orlando, FL 3/20/18
Buddy Bike comments, stories and photos from the families who ride them.