Stolen Buddy Bikes

Before you buy a used Buddy Bike from Craigslist or another non-Buddy Bike source, please check this page to make sure the bike has not been stolen. The following is a list of stolen Buddy Bikes that have not been recovered:
  • Landis, NC, 2023: Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe, BB104-AL-NU.17GN, Lime Green & Black (Biles)
  • Philadelphia, PA, 2020: Buddy Bike Family Classic 8 Speed, BB102-AL-8.17C, Chrome Red frame (Arocena)
  • Greenwood Village, CO, 2019: Buddy Bike Family Classic 7 Speed, BB102-AL-7.16C, Orange frame (de la Garza)
  • Tallahassee, FL 2016: Buddy Bike Family Classic 7 Speed, BB102-AL-7.14C, Orange frame (Florida Disabled Outdoors Association,
  • Miami, FL, 2016: Buddy Bike 7 Speed, BB101, Dark Red frame (Miami-Dade Park & Recreation Leisure Access Services)
  • Chicago, IL, 2011: Buddy Bike Sport 27 Speed, BB104-AL-27, Silver frame (Mayfield)


  • Fort Worth, TX, 2022: Buddy Bike Sport Deluxe, BB104-AL-NU.16, Classic Blue & Silver frame (Kelly) ONLY 1 OF ITS KIND IN FORT WORTH